Best Interactive Product Demo Examples For SaaS Companies

Adi Patel
May 23, 2023
6 mins

Interactive product demos (IPDs) let the prospects experience your product in a simulated environment, allowing them to interact with product features in a realistic way.

In this article, we have listed some very well-done interactive product demo examples that can help you create great interactive product demos yourself.

Product demo videos and animated videos used to be all the rage before but now most forward-looking software companies prefer to build interactive product demos instead due to the fact that they give the prospect what they actually want - to avoid the “book a demo” button before actually getting their hands on the product.

Let’s dive into some of the best interactive product example demos you can use for your own inspiration.

What are some great interactive product demo examples?

Well, to answer this question and to inspire creativity we have listed below some inspiring interactive product demo examples that you can use for your SaaS right away. 

The examples below help you understand how a good interactive product demonstration is created and what you should have in your mind while creating one for your software company.

Interactive Product Demo Example 1: Athelas


What's great about Athelas' Interactive Product Demo Example

Athelas sells digital tools to modern healthcare organizations that need medical billing and professional medical practice management solutions. They wanted their customers to experience their software firsthand without the need of calling up sales reps and booking a demo.

They used an interactive demo software platform to create a product demo that walks the users through the most important medical practice metrics so they can easily assess how their practice is performing at any given moment.

The interface is clear, intuitive and user-friendly. The step-by-step product demonstration lets the users experience Athelas product features which helps them convert the prospects into paying customers effectively.

Check out Athelas' interactive product demo.

Interactive Product Demo Example 2: Tab


What's great about Tab Interactive Product Demo Example

Tab is a software payment solution for travel companies that helps them accept card payments from any country. They wanted their customers to experience their software and convert into customers.

Using Lancey, they created an interactive product tour that walks the visitors through the payment acceptance procedure using Tab's software solution. Travel companies use the demo to see how they can secure their booking in advance by sending their customers a payment link before they arrive, so that they can pay online easily and safely.

This helps the travel companies experience Tab's product firsthand and nudges them to become Tab's customers.

Check out Tab interactive product demo.

Interactive Product Demo Example 3: Affinio


What's great about Affinio Interactive Product Demo Example

Affinio is a customer insights startup that helps companies understand their audience by leveraging the power of data analytics. Given the complexity of data segmentation and analysis it was very important for Affinio to keep their product demonstration easy to understand for their prospective customers.

To help achieve this goal. they launched an interactive product demo that showed their visitors how Affinio's solution helps them segment, analyze and understand their audience.

Adding this interactive product demo on their website helped Affinio improve their demo-qualified-leads and also get their products into the hands of prospects without involving the sales team.

Check out Affinio interactive product demo.

Interactive Product Demo Example 4:

What's great about Interactive Product Demo Example is an AI-powered customer service automation startup that helps customer service agents automatically resolve more support interactions with less effort in any language or channel.

They used Lancey, the demo experience platform of choice, to create a real-use demo for their software product that helps their prospective customers get a feel for using their product and building an AI powered bot with code. Users are guided through the product step-by-step which helps them clearly see how can help them resolve their customer support issues.

Interactive product demos work great as custom demo environments for complex products and significantly increase conversion rates for SaaS companies.

Interactive Product Demo Example 5: Assembly

What's great about Assembly Interactive Product Demo Example

Assembly is software that helps law firms manage their cases efficiently with their proprietary legal case management solution called The Neos.

They used Lancey to create product demo for their marketing campaigns that allows prospective customers to experience using their product firsthand. The interactive demo guides users through the product step-by-step, helping them to see how The Neos can effectively manage their firm's daily workflow and increase efficiency significantly.

Feature specific demos like this show how you can use product walkthroughs to significantly increase conversion rates for a targetted persona group.

What do the best interactive product demonstrations have in common?

There are some key features of good interactive product demo samples that tend to be similar across different types of products. Keep in mind the following points while building a product demo of your own.

Engagement focused

User engagement is key for the best product demos. An interesting product demo invites the users to interact with it in real-time at their own schedule while also not being super lengthy. Keep the demo focused and to the point!


A good product demo is one that is clear and does not confuse the user. Keep your product demos simple and straightforward while making it easy for the viewer to follow along.


Can't have an interactive demo without the interactivity, duh! Interactivity within the demo encourages users to play with the product and try it out for themselves. Avoid screenshots and use a fully featured demo platform to ensure every scree and action can be interacted with by the user.


An irrelevant demo is a bad demo. Make sure that your product demos are tailored to the viewer's needs and interests, and it highlights the features and benefits of the product that are most relevant to them. Use demo personalization to use prospect's data to ensure each visitors sees a demo that's specific to them.


The best performing demos are typically ungated (+18% conversion) so users can jump in to the product with as little friction as possible.

Key Takeaways

Interactive product demos enable prospects to experience your product beforehand and help increase conversions. Interactive product demonstrations can be a highly effective tool for showcasing the features and benefits of your product to potential customers.

  1. Interactive demos help prospects to actively engage with your product. This can help to hold their attention and create a more immersive experience.
  2. Interactive demos can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the prospect, allowing them to focus on the features that are most relevant to them
  3. Interactive demos allow prospects to try out your product at their own pace and on their own schedule, rather than having to schedule a demo with a sales representative.
  4. Interactive demos can be used as a highly effective lead-generation method.

Overall, interactive product demos can be a powerful way to showcase your product to potential customers and drive interest and conversions.

Looking at how other companies are leveraging the power of interactive product demos can give you ideas on creating a stunning interactive product demo for your product suite.

Adi Patel
May 23, 2023
6 mins

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