Lancey Changelog

Keep up with latest new features, fixes, and updates to Lancey.

Nov 2023

Global stylings

Tired of having to change each demo's styling and branding individually? We've now introduced global styling so you can apply your styling changes once and update it across all the demos.

AI generated tooltips and content

AI writer makes it easy to automatically fill in the text for your tooltips/start frame/lead capture form/end frame by providing a narrative. Simply tell us what this demo is about and for, and we'll take care of the rest!

Oct 2023

Preview from anywhere!

While editing your demos, we've now made it easier to preview them from any frame you'd like. You can now select to preview from the current frame you've selected or from start.

Sept 2023

Editor changes

When you click the Next button in editor mode, it now goes to the next hotspot instead of doing nothing. This makes it easier to go through your demo flow without having to go into Preview mode.

Rename/delete from main menu

You can now rename/delete/copy a demo directly from the main menu without having to open up each demo.

Aug 2023


Who doesn't love folders? For all the organized folks out there, this one is for you. As team sizes grow within your Lancey account you need a better way to organize your demos.

Now you can create folders to organize and group your demos.

Styling showcase menu

After releasing our showcase feature (which has become one of the most popular features, check it out), you can now style the showcase menu so the elements match your brand better!

June 2023

Image swaps

You can now replace images in your demos. To get started, find an image element in your demo, select it, and hit the Replace image button from the menu.

Removing Lancey branding

On the paid plans, you now have the option of removing Lancey branding across the demo. If you prefer our cool logo, you're always welcome to keep it ;)

Placeholder texts

Updated placeholder text on lead capture form.

May 2023

Auto-play mode

Check out autoplay in action!

This is a fun one. You can now finally create demos that can automatically go through different screens/actions without requiring user inputs.

Perfect for automating the boring stuff without requiring users to go through it

May 12, 2023

Demo Showcase

Easily combine multiple demos in a single library so viewers can pick which demo they'd like to view. To get started, head to the new Showcase tab and create your first one!

You'll get a single link that can be embedded or shared directly.

Full screen

When you embed demos, you were limited to messing around with HTML to control the size of demo. We've added a button that allows demo viewers to enter full screen mode.

Improved import frame

Added the import frame experience. When you add a new frame, it will now get added underneath the currently selected frame instead of at the bottom of the frame menu.

Demo sharing menu

Made it easier to share demos by bringing out the sharing menu on the main menu. You no longer need to go into demo editor to access the share menu.

Lead capture bug

Fixed an issue where lead capture form would ask for contact details again on demo restart.

April 28, 2023

Autoplay GIF

Oh this is a fun one! We can now play a preview GIF before the demo starts (or even in the middle of demo). Early results are showing 16% higher engagement and 70% increased sessions for demos that have GIFs in them.

The extension can also record GIFs so you don't have to worry about creating your GIF elsewhere.

Retaining input modifications

Fixed a bug where input forms were being cleared after the demo was recorded.

Optional lead capture fields

Added the ability to mark fields as optional or required in the lead capture form. Oh, we also added few new default fields such as:

  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Company Size

April 10, 2023

Image fallback

For those tricky demos where it's impossible to capture the entire product replica, we now have a way to fallback to a static image. By default we'll capture a snapshot of the image at the time the demo was recorded. You can toggle a setting to pick which frame you'd like to revert to image mode.

Consolidating team + personal demos

We've removed the two separate tabs we had previously for your demos and your team member's demos. All of the demos will show now display under the Demo tab. We have added filtering so you can easily find demos you've created.

Analytics performance improvement

After our analytics refresh in Jan, this is the next big update. We pushed a bunch of fixes that improve the speed at which the dashboard loads. Queries are now 300% faster, more noticeable for demos with more data. Who doesn't love faster query performance!

March 24, 2023

Points of interest (POI)

Demos can now support POIs along with Hotspots. You can call out a feature or area of the demo that can be self-discovered by viewers.

Salesforce integration

New integration. Enough said!

Additional CTA

You can now introduce a CTA (lead capture form or custom link) at any part of the demo. Previously you were limited to just the start/end of the demo. A/B test away for maximum conversion.

March 10, 2023

Demo personalization

No more stale demos! Lancey can now leverage variables to bring some personalization to your demos. Replace elements in your demo with variables that can dynamically change (from your CRM, through the lead capture form, or loaded through the URL parameters).

Single demo = endless possibilities.

WYSIWYG text editor

Okay maybe this one should have been there from the beginning but nonetheless its in there now! Rich text editing is at your finger tips so you have greater control over all the text elements in your demos.

Feb 17, 2023

Import by frames

Previously you only had the option of importing an entire demo and had to delete unwanted frames. You can now import selected frames instead of the entire demo.

Analytics clean-up

Previously analytics would count all demo sessions, including those that were just loaded but not started by the viewer. Now the analytics screen will only display demos that have been started to avoid incorrect engagement/conversion rates.

Jan 27, 2023

Link protection

Added some controls over link sharing including passcode + expiry dates.

Templating demos

Ever make an amazing demo and wish your coworkers can also use it without ruining your hard work? Well now they can. Clone and templatize demos so they can be re-use across your entire company.

Win win all around!

Jan 6, 2023

New demo editor (V2)

Welcome to 2023 and with that we have some new gifts! We've improved the demo editor to enable:

  • Being able to create demos with 50x the size from previous version
  • Better UI for styling demo components
  • Faster loading
  • Error states when you run into issues
  • Oh and auto saving!

Analytics refresh

Along with the new editor, we've also refreshed analytics to provide more granular insights into your demo performance. We can also group session data from same viewers so you can follow the full timeline of how they've interacted with your demo even if they come back to a demo after few weeks.

Improved Chrome extension

Since we're launching new things, we can't forget about the shiny new Chrome extension that was pushed as part of our 2023 release. The new extension can auto-tag all of your demo interactions, has no limit on number of frames captured, and has tons of bugs squashed that existed previously.

Try it out and leave your feedback.

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