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Why Choose Lancey over Navattic?

How do you decide which interactive demo solution is the best for you? Below you can compare Lancey with Navattic. You'll see how these platforms stack up when it comes to launch time, video overlays, user personalization, and getting started.
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Lancey vs Navattic comparison

See how Lancey stacks up. When you're ready, sign up for a free account and launch your first demo today!
Capture and Edit
Self-driving demos
No-code editor
HTML application capture
Automated tooltips
Audio and video overlays
Demo personalization
Analytics and Integrations
Advanced analytics
Security and access control
CRM integrations
Email tracking
API access
Pricing and Setup
Free trial
Time to launch
Less than 30 mins
> 1 week


Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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Basic features
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history

Lancey has the easiest setup process, period. We were able to launch our first demo in less than 20 mins. Haven't seen a platform of this caliber set up this quickly.

Stephen Messer
See how Lancey stacks up

Top 3 reasons why go-to-market teams choose Lancey over Navattic

Dashboard mockup
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Fastest time to launch

With smart capture, Lancey customers are able to launch a new demo from start to finish in 30 mins!
Automated demo capture across frames
Automatically create tooltips based on context
Personalize using data from other sources
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Seamless demo tracking

Whether you're sharing your demo through sequences or on landing pages, seamlessly track different data sources from a single link.
Create dynamic links to track unique profiles
A/B test and track conversion by source and links
Connect the tools your team already use
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
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Add audio and video overlays

Personalize and add a human touch with seamless audio and video overlays on top of your demos.
Use our AI to automatically convert text into audio or video on top of your demo
Increase engagement with a mix of product + human touch
Dynamically add prospect name and details to scale your demo strategy

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